Alive In Jesus

“I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”

- Jesus Christ (John 10:10)




Uplifting Worship

Through worship, we:

  • connect with God and others.
  • serve the Lord by offering ourselves to Him.
  • grow in the most important relationship of all, and the one that enriches the other relationships in our lives: our friendship with God.

Compassionate Service

Through service, we:

  • connect with others and with Jesus, who calls and equips us to serve in His name.
  • serve the Lord by serving others.
  • grow in love for God and our neighbor.

Vibrant Community

Through community, we:

  • connect with God and others as we experience life together.
  • serve one another through mutual support, encouragement, and prayer, and serve others in our community and beyond.
  • grow in our faith through holy friendships.