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Dear Spry Church Family and Friends, Happy spring! It might not look or feel like spring yet, but we're now officially in a new season. Soon we'll see all the wonderful signs of spring: sunshine, warmer temperatures, flowers, and more. So much to look forward to! This Sunday we continue our Journey series with a message about recalculating. Sometimes in life we need to d...

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Unexpected Blessings

Dear Spry Church Family and Friends, I hope you're enjoying the nice weather we've had the last few days. This morning I'm taking our son Zeke on a preschool field trip to Nixon Park. I love this time of year. On Sunday we continue our series called "The Journey." The message will focus on how we can learn to see God's presence in the unexpected. In it, we'll show a clip...

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The Journey Begins

Isaacs Youth Center Day .JPG

Dear Spry Church Family and Friends, This Sunday we begin a series called "The Journey." For each of us, life is a journey. There are grueling climbs, majestic views, unexpected turns, and wilderness experiences. To find our way in life, it's about putting one foot in front of the other and choosing which path to follow. This worship series will take us on a journey with ...

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Grace, Even When

Dear Spry Church Family and Friends, This Sunday we conclude our series about the power of God's grace with a message that I hope you all will hear and consider. One of the most amazing aspects of grace is the promise of God's presence and power for us when all else fails, even in the face of death. That promise is reflected in these words of Scripture: "For I am convince...

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God is Able

chipotle 022419

Dear Spry Church Family and Friends, On Wednesday Molly and I spent part of the afternoon playing with our kids in the snow. We had fun making piles of snow into different things. We used some piles of snow to make a small igloo. Our igloo won't last long, and a good bit of it has already melted, but we enjoyed building something with the snow. Do you know that God is ab...

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Light Switch or Dimmer Switch?

Dear Spry Church Family and Friends, Are you more like a light switch or a dimmer switch? What a strange question, right? Well, in worship this Sunday the question will make sense, I promise! It's actually a really important question and it gets at something each of us should consider. I hope to see you Sunday! Ken ...

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Scout Sunday and Splash Kids Valentine's Hearts

Dear Spry Church Family and Friends, This Sunday is going to be a great day at our church. We begin a new worship series called "Grace Changes Everything." It is Scout Sunday, so we will have representatives from Pack 50 and Troop 50 involved in our worship services in a variety of ways. And, our SPLASH Kids will be spreading love by handing out valentine hearts they made...

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This Weekend at Spry Church

Dear Spry Church Family and Friends, How exciting to see all that God is doing in our church! To accommodate our growing crowds on Sunday mornings, we ask that those of you who are physically able please park in our lower lots (lots 2, 3, or 4) on an ongoing basis whenever possible. That allows us to keep spots in lot 1 available for our guests, those with limited mobilit...

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New Members, Baptisms, and More

Dear Spry Church Family and Friends, This is going to be a great Sunday at Spry Church! We are receiving 10 new adult members (plus kids) into our church family. We will celebrate 3 baptisms. And, we are having a retirement brunch for our longtime Administrative Assistant Mary Hughes, starting at 12:30. Food and refreshments will be provided, and you are all invited to th...

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Won't Be Winter Forever

Dear Spry Church Family and Friends, "Winter will not last forever." That's what I keep telling myself! I hope you are staying warm during this chilly weather. It looks like another snowy weekend. Use good judgment about whether you come out on Sunday morning. It would take an extraordinary amount of snow for us to cancel worship, so we are still on for Sunday - if neces...

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