Signs of New Life

Dear Spry Church Family and Friends,

I want to share how thankful I am for you, Spry Church. Last week in worship we heard a powerful testimony shared by someone from our church family. Many, including me, were moved to tears by her words. As she shared about her journey through some very difficult times, she said: "This church saved my life." Anyone there to hear her story would have been able to understand that those words were no exaggeration. Thank you, Spry Church, for being such a caring church family. 

There are many reasons for us to celebrate God's wonderful work in our midst, and I'd like to highlight one more. We have, I think, 4 couples in our church who are expecting, and 1 of them who at the time of the release of this email has likely delivered. Thank God for the new life we see in our church, in so many ways!

In worship this Sunday we continue our series called "Followers and Leaders." We are looking at the book of Judges for life lessons. Judges has a lot to teach us about what it means for us to follow God first and foremost and then, out of that relationship, to fulfill the various roles of leadership and "followership" that we all have. By following the Lord, we become better people. This Sunday, which is Mother's Day, we have a special message about a woman of great strength and faith whose name was Deborah. Come ready to learn about how her story speaks to our lives today. Join us as we gather in the presence of the Lord to worship.

See you Sunday!