Community Youth Center

YouthCenter_final rendering 1 St. Onge  YouthCenter_final rendering 2 St. Onge

*concept drawings generously donated by St. Onge


*actual Community Youth Center donated by an amaing community and awesome volunteers!




To the community of York, PA, THANK YOU! Your generosity and support has been overwhelming! We have surpassed our fundraising goal for the construction and renovation of the Community Youth Center and the building is nearing completion!

However, our work is only beginning! Continued support, partnerships and funding will be needed on an ongoing basis to continually improve and extend our reach into the community! We believe God is doing an amazing work in our community and we thank you for your help!

Stay tuned for updates as we get closer to our opening each day!

In response to a growing need in our community, Spry Church is establishing a Community Youth Center. This space will give York County youth a safe place to gather and a place to call their own. 

The needs of our community, particularly concerning the youth of our community, are serious and pressing. Obviously we can't solve every problem, but together we can do something! We know that it is our responsibility, as local citizens, to reach out and promote what is good especially to the youth of our community since they are at such a pivital stage in life, when the decisions they make about where and how they spend their time and the friends they choose to be around have the potential to shape their lives for many years to come. 

We are hoping you will consider partnering with us in this effort. Your support will help us provide a space where youth of our community feel valued and have a safe and positive enviornment in which to spend time - a place to gather and a place to belong. Far more than a mere entertainment center, the community youth center will host events for area youth supported by staff and volunteers from the Spry Church. We will serve students regardless of their religious persuasion or affiliation and seek to be a positive influence in the lives of young people. 

We plan to open the Community Youth Center in Winter of this year when we will begin hosting events 2-3 nights a week. Our goal is to raise $100,000 in money or in-kind contributions to support the work that needs to be done to open the center.

With your partnership and your support we can bring positive change to the young people and the community of York. Please consider donating by clicking the link below. 


Keep checking back for more updates on our progress and how you can continue to be involved in this project! Thank you for your support!

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